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Microneedle Patch Technology

Our Mission

Our primary mission at ArrayPatch is to provide healthcare  professionals with a superior treatment option, ultimately improving patient outcomes. This mission is centred around our innovative DerMap patent technology, a unique dissolvable microneedle technology.

Microneedle Patch Technology

The Science Behind DerMap

DerMap is a pain free microneedle patch in the size of a small coin which, upon application, penetrates the outer layer of skin and starts to dissolve and release medication. Our primary focus is on entering a relatively underserved dermatological market with limited innovation. 

Microneedle Patch Technology

The Potential Pipeline Market

DerMap is a platform Technology. The treatment of nail fungal infections, onychomycosis, represents our initial pathway into the market.

According to the British Association of Dermatologists, 1 in 4 people can be infected with onychomycosis at any given time. The market size is set to surpass $6.2B by 2027. Our intention is to place products in the market under our own brand label and partner with established distributors.

The potential pipeline market includes Psoriasis, Skin Cancer and Hormone replacement therapy. 


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Our Recent News

Enterprise Ireland’s Startup Day (Big Ideas 2024) Finalist

ArrayPatch has been selected as one of ten promising investor ready startup companies and invited to pitch at Big Ideas 2024.

Winner of Ideate Ireland 2023

ArrayPatch has been named the winner of 2023 IDEATE Ireland competition and claimed the €15,000 prize.

Innovation of the Year

ArrayPatch microneedle project wins "Innovation of the Year" at the 2022 Ireland Pharma Industry Awards.

Winner of the First

Start-up Retreat

ArrayPatch team won a fellowship at the "1st Start-up Retreat", in Porto, Portugal.

Ireland’s Top 100 Hospital and Healthcare Achievers

Dr Faisal The CEO and founder of ArrayPatch was chosen among Ireland’s top hospital and healthcare achievers ,HPN Professional Top 100.

Commercial Activity of the Year

ArrayPatch is the winner of the 2022 Commercial Activity of the Year.


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